Journey in Time Wittenberg

JOURNEY IN TIME 800 Years of Living in Wittenberg

Buchtitel: JOURNEY IN TIME 800 Years of Living in WittenbergWhich ‘fatal sucession of events’ sealed the fate of the Ascanians? Who wanted to “plant a punch on Karlstadt’s nose”? How did perky Baby Martin come into the world?

We observe the ups and downs of the city, experience the two German revolutions, the megalomania of the Nazis, the end of Second World War and the arrival of the Soviets. We stand beside the people as they painfully rebuild, experience the small daily pleasures to be had in East Germany. We celebrate along with the people of Wittenberg both the gift of reunification and the many courageous initiatives undertaken since. Journey in Time also reports on the ceremonial inauguration of the Luther Decade and the unique traditions of today’s city. And it opens the way into tomorrow with the vision of Mayor Eckhart Naumann, looking ahead to Wittenberg in 2017, the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

How were Napoleon’s soldiers housed in the city? Which Nazi mayor became a mass murderer? Which tank did the citizens really dislike and who actually forged a sword into a plowshare? Who didn’t flee the great flood? And which washerwoman, even today, drags her Jacob each year to be pilloried?

Any questions about WITTENBERG?
ZEIT REISE has the answers.
ZEIT REISE is the modern biography of a sympathetic city
dedicated to her people.
And all who love her.

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Pages: 164, num. col. Illustrations | Weight: 970 gr

Publishing House: ASTtext+bild | Editors: Andreas Stephainski, Wolfgang Marchewka | Authors: Wolfgang Marchewka, Michael Schwibbe, Andreas Stephainski | Translation & Editing: Prof. Dr. John Bendix, Kathleen Luft, Anna Wittmann